Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Handmade With Love - TAG Fiber Artists Pt. II

I must apologize for the delay in the continuation of my TAG series...family illness, hurricanes, and other circumstances beyond my control.
As the holidays approach, I've made a conscious decision to forgo big box, and buy handmade by small business. It may be slightly more expensive, but I will be gifting a bit less this year. I care about quality. Clearly, you get what you pay for, and that is why small, independent artists have to price their pieces the way they do. They are not cheaply made, mass marketed wares. There is also more variety, and originality. I want my loved ones to know that I put some thought into my gift. So, although I may not be purchasing a ton of gifts from the mall,  a few, well chosen, quality gifts is the way to go for me this year.
Which brings me to the subjects of today's post! These Fiber Artists from The Artisan Group are incredible...

Rosy Toes Designs: Based in Ohio, 
Rosy Toes Designs is owned and operated by talented fiber artist Lucy Chapman. It evolved in 2012, from her Etsy shop, Seasons of Wool (established 2009). Lucy writes:

At Rosy Toes Designs, I use natural fibers and up-cycled materials to handcraft bags, pouches, Cuddle-Up sweater blankets, and luxury fashion accessories. I love how I've combined the ancient art form of felting with modern techniques. You'll find felted wool, alpaca, recycled silk, and up-cycled wool and cashmere sweaters in my shop. The materials and process used creates a unique look and story for every piece. 

My Seasons Of Wool shop on Etsy focuses on custom made felted wool and alpaca hats and mittens, with a few small home accessories thrown in. Customers have the perfect winter and fall accessories crafted in just the right color and size for them. 

Shop links: http://rosytoesdesigns.com

Recently, Lucy was featured in the December issue of UK Vogue!! Congratulations, Lucy!!

Courtesy The Artisan Group/Emma Maudsley 

Courtesy Rosy Toes Designs

Courtesy Rosy Toes Designs

Hunky Dori Boutique:  Based in Sarasota Springs, NY, Hunky Dori Boutique was founded by the talented Fiber Artist Dori FitzPatrick. Dori writes:

Hunky Dori Boutique was created in 2011 while I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter.  I wanted fun, hip, chic baby items and was not finding what I wanted out there.  So I turned back to my roots and decided to make them!  I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for Textile Design and Apparel Manufacturing.  I worked in the fashion industry for 12 yrs for women's and baby fashion designers, as well as the home furnishings industry.  I got married in 2007 and became a stay at home mom in 2008.  Then the fun began!  

I hand crochet infant, toddler, kids, and adult hats. My best sellers are the hats I hand stitch, hand made, felt applique too.  Nothing is store bought and put together....I do it all!  Photographers have responded well to my infant hats and use them a lot for photo props.  The Artisan Group has really opened the door for me and I have gifted Bethenny Frankel, Denise Richards, and Alison Sweeney!  So exciting! I crochet with cottons, soft acrylics, and alpaca.  

My goal is to make great hat for your little ones, big sense of style!

Courtesy of Hunky Dori Boutique

Courtesy of Hunky Dori Boutique

Courtesy of Hunky Dori Boutique

Beautiful hats, Dori! Where were you when my kids were little??? Lol!

Shore Thing Designs: Traci Judge is the talent behind this Massapequa, New York based business, whose fabulous designs will soon appear on the hit TV series "The Vampire Diaries"!  

Traci writes: My shop is primarily scarves right now and I am working on getting the photos up of the Ombre scarves like I created for Denise Richards, Alison Sweeney and Pretty Little Liars.  The minute I post them they sell - woo hoo!
I am also working on a line of original wristlets that just need to be photographed and listed as well.
In my past life (that life prior to being a stay at home mom, that is!) I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and studied Textile Design and Development.  I worked for 15 years as a Textile Designer designing fabrics ranging from Home Furnishings, Apparel, Swimwear and Intimate Apparel.  
I created Shore Thing Designs in 2005 and consulted and freelanced until mommyhood called!  I then turned Shore Thing into a creative outlet for all my obsessions -  anything fiber, yarn or fabric related is my passion!!  

Courtesy of Shore Thing Designs
Courtesy of Shore Thing Designs 

As you can see with Traci's work, when your work is your passion, you create amazing things!!!

2 Kute Kreations: In 2008, talented crochet artist Rose Kute founded 2 Kute Kreations, based in Jacksonville, Florida. Her shop carries a wide variety of gifts including baby hats, booties, blankets, adult hats, soap savers, facial scrubbers, and more!

Rose writes: I am a stay home wife and mother with health issues that prevent me from working outside the home. In 2008 one of my sons in law told me about Etsy and that I should have a shop for my items.
2Kute specializes in hats and booties/slippers from newborn to adult.

Courtesy 2 Kute Kreations

Courtesy 2 Kute Creations

Courtesy 2 Kute Creations

Those booties look comfy, Rose! You make them for adults??


  1. What a great post - and perfect for holiday shopping! Thanks so much for including Rosy Toes Designs!