Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Artisan Group Steals The Emmys!

Holy Twitter, Batman!  My heart swells with pride as I read all the tweets about how amazing the GBK Emmy Award Gift Lounge was,  especially the contributions by The Artisan Group! Celebrities like Nia Peeples, Penny Marshall, Rico Rodriguez and many more fell in love with the fabulous products handmade by my TAG peeps.  And it couldn't have happened without the fabulous Valerie Propst Guerrero and Nikki Cutro, the founder and managing partner of The Artisan Group.  Their enthusiasm and dedication at the event itself was incredible! Although I personally did not participate in this event, I felt so emotionally invested...we're like a family.  The amazing TAG members who did participate were: Valerie Guerrero of The BeezKneez Designs (The Artisan Group’s Founder); Nikki Cutro of 13 Black Cats Designs, (Managing Partner); Amy Croushorn of Make It Mine Parties; Ashley Berthelot of Fancy Designs; Autumn Bradley of Autumn Bradley Jewelry Design; Crystal Evans-Pradhan of Little Free Radical; Deb Soromenho of AWE Jewelry; Denise Mancuso of AJ Sweet Soap; Diana Pelliccia-Mueller of Bellaroma; Gary Hirsch of Doodle House; Heather Sennabaum of Re-Zip It!; Ilene Price of Ilene Price Design; Kristal Lee and Jennifer Lee of Atutudes Handmade Tutus; Lindsay Van Cleave of LCVintage and Company; Lindsey Afton Dufoe of Afton Dufoe Photography; Lisa Howath of The Lonely Pixel Photography; Lisa Sieczka of Elle Moss Photography; Mandy Bryant of The Light Fantastic; Michelle Bousley of OC Styles Creations; Michelle Reynolds of Aromatic Health; Natalie LeBlanc of Papermuse Designs; Pamela Petry of Seeing Is Believing Artistry; Sarah Mercer of Geekgirly Photography; Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei of Sweet Stella’s; Sharlene Maher of Stranded Treasures; Shawna Ziemer of Wags and Wiggles; Tamecka Sandifer of Honeyprint; and Tina Dean Allen of Tina Dean Designs.  (Taken from the TAG press release).
I know where I'm doing my Christmas shopping this year, before these guys get too famous!!  Congratulations!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Please Vote!

I'm not talking about the presidential election, although you should definitely vote in that as well!!  I'm talking about my poll, which asks about your preference in necklaces...Do you like bold, statement necklaces?

Or more understated, delicated necklaces?

Now, keep in mind, I'm not necessarily talking about the necklaces pictured here...these are just examples.

I'd really like to know your opinion! It will help guide me in making my next collection!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Saga Continues...

The kids are back to school, so things should be a little easier, right? Wrong!  My youngest has just started high school, and left her middle school friends behind to go to a private high school. She's miserable...translation: I'm miserable.  I know it takes time, but, poor thing is stuck with my personailty...painfully shy. Unlike her older sister, who is the polar opposite...I sometimes call her  "The Mayor".

So, my mind is elsewhere these days, but at least I've ordered and received my shiny, new business cards which will be included in the gift bags at the Golden Globes and Oscars. I ordered them from, and they're not too shabby. What do you think?

Another exciting development is that a friend of mine, fashion writer Vivian Kelly of is wearing one of my cuff bracelets to New York's Fashion Week, which she is covering. Who knows, maybe someone will notice it? It's a polymer clay/ribbon wrapped cuff:

So off I go to make more jewelry, see how my girl's made out in school, and just ponder life in general. Tomorrow's my birthday. I want to have fun:)