Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hurray for Hollywood! The Academy Awards Gift Lounge!!

It's been a busy year so far!  On the tails of the Golden Globes Gift Lounge, now comes the 2012 GBK Production's Academy Awards Gift Lounge on February 24-25th at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California:) I'm gifting the nominees 100 pairs of polmer clay faux snakeskin earrings! Boy, were they labor intensive! I hope they're well received...will keep you posted!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweet Gratitude

Actress Tess Hunt and Actor John Sussman took the time out to post this amazing video of them opening their gift bag from The Artisan Group at The Golden Globes Gift Lounge:

Thank You Artisan Group from Tess Hunt on Vimeo.

Book Review: The Shopping Diet by Phillip Bloch

I love me some Phillip Bloch...ok there, I said it! However, that doesn't mean I can't give an objective, concise review of his new book, The Shopping Diet. In addition to being one of the most sought after A list Hollywood stylists ( we're talking Oprah, Michael Jackson, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum and many others), he is a former model ( no surprise, he's got stunning good looks), he hosts Cause Celebs on ABC World News, he's an actor (and a fabulous one, made me cry as Sammy in The Unseen), been on numerous TV shows as a fashion and pop culture commentator (VH1, CNN, and E!) . Come on now, Phillip, is there anything you haven't done?

Well, I had to get his book, as the premise is spend less and get more...and it's written by a stylist with impeccable taste. As a starving artist who dresses like Napoleon Dynamite, this was a no brainer!

The book has a lovely forward written by Simon Doonan, the Creative Director of Barneys, and in it he gives us a little insight into Phillip Bloch's fashion philosophy...he really cares about women, and combines the fun, artistic side of fashion with good old fashion sensibility. This is quite evident throughout his book.

Phillip does not just approach this as a fashion how's much deeper than that. It makes you take a step back, and reexamine any issues you may have with body image, self esteem, money. This is big brother Phillip talking, and there is a comforting quality in hearing this advice from a man who has dressed some of the most beautiful women on the planet...

There are "Blochbuster" tips sprinkled throughout the book...for example "For every negative thing you say about yourself, think of three positive things to replace it..." There are many others, just as inspiring, some with juicy, inside trade secrets. Love them all!

Before giving out the golden fashion advice he's actually known for, he guides you through a process that includes a closet cleanse, an evaluation of your finances and health. When he does give out his fashion pearls, he is extremely generous, including many references to find good deals in a Shopping Diet Directory.

I loved The Shopping Diet, and recommend it highly...not because I think Phillip Bloch is a stellar human being, which he is, but because it delivers. It's a book that can be referred to time and time again, and will never become outdated. It's inspirational, sensible, and if you follow his advice, you'll not only look fabulous, you'll have some money in the bank.

The Shopping Diet by Phillip Bloch
Simon and Schuster/ $15.00

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Golden Globes Are Over!

The Golden Globes aired on January 15th, 2012 and the GBK Golden Globe Gift Lounge was a roaring success! Many thanks to GBK Productions and Valerie Guerrero and Nikki Cutro of The Artisan Group for giving the celebrities a peek at my creations!!

Erica Durance of WB's "Smallville"

Lovely Hoffmann of GBK Productions

Raphael Sbarge of ABC's "Once Upon A Time"

Things To Like Right

Beautiful actress Erica Durance of "Smallville" is pictured here wearing my White Keishi Pearl and Aqua Quartz Briolette neckring, as is Lovely Hoffmann of GBK Productions.
Actor Raphael Sbarge of ABC's "Once Upon A Time" like my Asian Moonlight Earrings so much, he showed them to Things To Like Right, and they featured it in a best of the best feature.
I feel so blessed for this opportunity, and am very excited for the Oscars!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally, It's Here! The Golden Globes!

The Golden Globes Awards are this Sunday,  January 15th, 2012!  The GBK Production Golden Globe Gift Lounge will commence Thursday, January 12th, 2012... I can't believe it's finally here! I wonder if the celebs will like my Asian Moonlight Earrings?  Or my display necklace?  This is just too nervewracking...will anyone pose with my jewelry?  I can't stand this suspense!! But I will keep you guys posted if I hear anything!

I'm in good company, as my fellow members of The Artisan Group who are also participating in this gift lounge will be biting their nails along with me! Here's a sneak peak!!

The Artisan Group Golden Globes Event Guide