Monday, October 3, 2011

Logo Motion

A really great logo is an important part of branding your business.  I ought to know...I've had a couple that were 'eh, so, so.  They were designed by people who didn't quite know how to translate my vibe into a logo. Either that, or I was just sending out the wrong vibe. When people see your logo,  it should automatically evoke your business style, ethics, look...Think Target's red bullseye.

I'm in the process of having two new websites designed, and, and I decided to rethink my whole brand issue.  I tend to be a spiritual person, but nothing about my brand in the past reflected that. The lotus flower has alot of significance in eastern philosophy. So along comes Ashley Berthelot, owner of Fancy Designs in Louisiana, to help me achieve my goal.  We corresponded by email, which at times is challenging, but the result was worth it. Let me introduce you to my new business logo.  Drumroll please....

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