Monday, March 5, 2012

SariBlue...There's Nothing Evil About It, That's For Sure!

I just received my Byzantine Beauty earrings from an artist named Sari from her Etsy store, SariBlue  Now, I am an avid collector of evil eye jewelry, not because I am superstitious, but because there is something so beautiful and mystical about the eye in art. These earrings, are, by far, the most beautiful works I have ever owned!!

They are so luxurious, and old high quality, with real glass handmade in Turkey, and sumptuous silver beads in Mediterranean motifs. The artist, Christine Lorenzo, is a true gem, tucked away in her studio in Stow, Massachussetts, but she has had her jewelry featured at the Golden Globes Luxury Gift Lounge, and will also have it featured at the MTV Movie Award Luxury Gift Lounge.

                      Christine Lorenzo, the genius behind SariBlue
Don't forget the name ...I'm sure you'll be hearing alot of wonderful things from this fabulous artist!!!!

                     Me wearing Sari's Byzantine Beauty Earrings


  1. I had to take a few deep breaths..after I read this!


    A report just asked me over the weekend if I got nervous knowing that celebrities had my work.. I still have to think about that, what I said was I get WAY more nervous when an artist who I really think very highly of purchases something in my collection!! Oh, it really makes me nervous!

    This is amazing of you! Thank you so much for your kind words! I had no idea you knew so much about The Evil Eye and the variations in quality of what you can find out there.

    One of the things I tell everyone is The SariBlue Beads are unlike the beads you find in the U.S. You need to feel them and see them to understand the difference :D

    Most of the Evil Eye jewelry that I have seen here is not handmade or even glass. It can be very cute and fun, but these beads are true to the art form, culture and history. They really inspire me and when you wear the jewelry you feel so special!!

    I admire you so much and for you to give such a compliment, I cannot tell you how much this means to me!!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
    Sari <3

  2. I speak the truth, and there really is a difference in the authenticity and quality of evil eye jewelry. I feel like I'm wearing a piece of art, not just a piece of jewelry, and therein lies the difference. Tis sad to say that many consumers are satisfied to wear mass produced garbage disguised as evil eye jewelry, to save a buck. Art like this is worth every penny...

  3. I guess that is why I get so excited about the process and the history behind it. The beads have real meaning and I am really proud to have my collection focus on the history and actual cultural component of The Evil Eye as well as the beauty and super cool way you can intertwine them with other jewels!! So fantastic when others appreciate it as much as I do!!

  4. The time I saw 'evil eye' beads was in a small gift shop in South Carolina. The store owner painstakingly explained the story behind the beads and the differences among them and the craftsmanship involved in making genuine beads. He shared that his wife, who was Turkish born, went to Turkey several times a year for handmade beads and other wonderful items. When you see the genuine article vs the knock off, you realize the enormous difference. SariBlue's are the real deal--and so is she!