Friday, February 22, 2013

Empower Your Fellow Man/Woman...The World Will Be A Better Place!

I'm going to be very personal here. Those who know me well, know that I am all about empowering women, especially impressionable young girls at risk, female entrpreneurs, single moms, women changing careers to find happiness, because I have been all of the above. I believe the reason we have been put on this earth is to help others, and the more intelligent, empowered women there are, the better place the world would be. Educate a girl, and you are investing in the betterment of this planet. My company is not only about making's about making a difference. My jewelry has evolved into 4 different lines, and at the moment my website is being updated to reflect this. It is my hope that through my sales, through my writing, future videos, not only can I raise awareness, but I can do practical things to accomplish these goals. I can't do it without the support of you beautiful souls. Along the way I will ask for your ideas, your input, and for calls to action. Peace and love to all of you, children of God.


  1. XOXO I look forward to watching your journey!

  2. Love this about you Alexis - you go girl!

  3. I am so inspired by you, Alex, and I'd be honored to go along with you, and hope you'll do the same for me!. <3