Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adding an Element of the Exotic to Your Designs

Browsing through jewelry shops, either online or in person, makes me feel like a kid in a candy store! So much variety! Different styles, colors, techniques.  I'll see beautiful Victorian jewelry, with brass filigree, cameos, and beautiful stampings. There's wire wrapped jewelry, with sumptuous gemstones wrapped in either gold or silver wire, to make pendants or rings. There's statement jewelry, from bib necklaces, to large cocktail rings, to long, elaborate chandelier earrings.

One style, however, always seems to catch my eye. Tribal, or ethnic jewelry...It has a primal energy to it, and raw beauty. Some pieces are very colorful and elaborate. I'm particularly fond of Moroccan jewelry and East Indian jewelry. Moroccan jewelry with it's gorgeous motifs, and Indian jewelry, with it's use of colorful gemstones, rich, 22kt gold, silver, and elaborate designs. Truly wearable art!

LexiBeads carries exotic beads and components that allow a jewelry designer to add a unique flavor to their designs...

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