Thursday, August 30, 2012

Haute Couture for Pixie and Hazel: TAG Pet Artisans

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my Pixie and Hazel. Although I know they conspire to drive me crazy, like the time they dragged that dinosaur bone into the house. Or rolling around in the manure of some unknown beast, and coming in wagging their tails, as if nothing were wrong. Here they are, Pixie, my Maltese, and Hazel my Yorkie:

Pixie, don't let her cute face fool you...

Hazel, left. the mastermind of the operation, and Pixie, the first lieutenant

Me and Hazel, who is looking at Pixie, giving her the signal to grab the dinosaur bone...

Don't they look all cute and innocent??? Ha! Anyway, I do consider them my babies, and yes, I do dress them up for Halloween and Christmas, and other special occasions, they have winter jackets and sweaters (winters can be brutal in New England). Yes, I'm one of THOSE pet owners...that's right...I said it!

Where does one go to find Haute Couture for ones furry loved ones??? Well, look no further than The Artisan Group's very own Sophisticated Pup, owned by the gorgeous Michelle Cleek O'Halloren. Michelle's designs are sported by the pets of celebrities, and it's no wonder...they are amazing!! Much higher in quality, and unique than other pet clothing, Sophisticated Pup has been getting alot of media attention...

I asked Michelle to tell me a little about herself and her business, and here is what she said:

"Sophisticated Pup was started in January 2006 in Chicago, IL.  It was started shortly after getting my little pug, Penny.  Penny has always been the muse of my product line.  As a sufferer of Canine Liver Disease, she is a really special pup and one that is a constant inspiration and a pretty darn good model too!  

Our Mission:

Sophisticated Pup’s mission is to create truly unique, sophisticated, handcrafted pet apparel, furniture and accessories for the most lovable of dogs- which in our eyes is all dogs!  The products are not mass-produced, and due to the handcrafted artistry that goes into every piece of clothing, furniture or accessory, only limited amounts are created.  Sophisticated Pup uses only the highest quality materials in our designs.  

Sophisticated Pup is active in giving back to animal rescue groups and we make it a priority to donate product whenever possible to animal rescue groups in Chicago and the Midwest.  I pride myself in having unique products that are high-quality and beautiful.  Pet apparel should be both beautiful and functional.  We never want a dog wearing anything that will make it uncomfortable.  We dress our dogs to make them feel special, never to embarrass!

Through our affiliation with The Artisan Group, we have been fortunate enough to include our products in the celebrity swag bags at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.  We have also gifted our products to celebrities Tori Spelling, Bethenny Frankel and Amy Poehler."  

The lovely Michelle Cleek O'Halloren at a trade show.

Actress Deborah Craig holding Sophisticated Pup at the 2012 GBK MTV Movie Award Gift Lounge

Courtesy Sophisticated Pup

Courtesy Sophisticated Pup

Michelle at one of her many TV appearances with reality TV star Teresa Guidice

I need to start my Christmas shopping early...
Thank you Sophisticated Pup!!


  1. What fun! These are the cutest--both fur babies and all Sophisticated Pup's goodies for said fur babies. Excellent feature!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Sophisticated Pup Alexis! So awesome!