Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Artisan Group...Who Needs To Leave The House To Go Shopping?

You've heard me mention TAG in previous posts, and although I'd like to say it stands for "Talented and Gorgeous" (which is true), it stands for The Artisan Group, an amazing and exclusive organization of gifted artists, founded by graphic designer and powerhouse Valerie Guerrero. This group is juried, so only the creme de la creme are admitted. They are so good, in fact, they regularly participate in GBK Production Gifting Lounges for events such as the Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, MTV Movie Awards, and this year, the CMAs (Country Music Awards). It's members are also accomplished authors, having published in books and magazines, winners of prestigious awards, participants in New York City Fashion Week, and their products can be found in retailers across the country. Most importantly, they are the loveliest, most supportive group of artists I know. How do I know? I'm blessed to be a member.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows I hate shopping, especially the mall. Maybe I'm just a lazy ass. Maybe I'm claustrophobic. Maybe I hate being attacked by salespeople with samples (reminiscent of my days as a physician, when the drug reps would interrupt my day to hawk their drugs du jour). Not only that, the products out there are kind of....blah. Ok, there, I said it!! I could shop for hours, and search through aisles and aisles of mediocre merchandise, and out of desperation, have to buy a birthday gift I wasn't completely satisfied with. I hate that.

Then, one day, I started perusing the shops of my fellow Tagsters...and guess what? I struck a goldmine of quality, unique, beautiful, merchandise that I would not only be proud to gift, but have now bought for myself, time and time again. "AAAAAAAAhhhhhhh' the angels are singing!

I am dedicating a biweekly series of my blog to the talented and gorgeous TAG artisans:) They produce a variety of merchandise (art) such as stationery/paper goods, bath/body products, jewelry, photography, fiber goods, clothing, baby products, shoes, art pens, dog products, paintings, toys.

This week, I'm starting with our stationery/paper goods "department". It never fails that whenever I need a greeting card, no matter how far in advance I buy it, it's never quite right. The words are too sappy, or the picture is too creepy. The words are too creepy, and the picture too bizarre. You feel my pain?

The talented artisans at TAG that specialize in stationery and paper goods have made my dilemma a thing of the past!! Their talent, imagination, quality, and enthusiasm is reflected in the work they produce.

Jessica Gattone, Owner and Creative Director of Sparetire Design,  http;//sparetiredesign.com, based in New Jersey, offers custom design solutions for every graphic design need. Personal and everyday stationery, as well as custom wedding invitations.

Photos courtesy of Sparetire Design

She also has a shop on Etsy http://etsy.com/shop/sparetiredesign.

Jess' work is so amazing, it's been gifted to celebrities such as Hillary Duff,  Zooey Deschanel, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! It will also be gifted to the nominees and recipients of the Country Music Awards, later this year!!

Laura Hudson, Owner and Designer at Simply Paperie,  http://simplypaperie.com and http://etsy.com/shop/simplypaperie based in Missouri,  designs custom wedding and event invitations, as well as beautiful stationery and custom journals. Her gorgeous work has been featured at the 2012 GBK Production Golden Globe Gift Lounge, and has been gifted to celebrities like Ryan Gosling, and Trista Sutter!! 

Photos courtesy of Simply Paperie

Laura's amazing journals are sold on http://etsy.com/shop/studio827kc

Danielle Goff, Owner and Designer at Stampin Crazy in Texas http://etsy.com/shop/stampincrazyintx,  based in Austin, is one talented lady!! Her business was featured by Office Depot in their Thursday Business feature, and her handmade cards, invitations and gifts have been gifted to celebrities such as Vanessa Lachey and Kaley Cuocco. 

Photos provided by Stampin Crazy in Texas

This is just a taste of the talent in the Stationery/Paper Goods "Department at TAG...these three artists were kind enough to participate in my blog series, but there are many others in TAG not featured here today. Many thanks to Jess, Laura, and Danielle!!
In my next TAG feature, we will visit the Bath and Body Department...stay tuned!!!


  1. great article alexis.but of course, who would expect anything less!

  2. Alexis such a fun, TRUE and kind post!
    I had no idea you hated to go out to shop! How nice to have TAG as an eclectic resource for all your shopping needs, right from home! Smart Lady!

  3. Great article, I also have found fellow TAG artisans to be a wealth of inspiration source for amazing products. Thank you for including Sparetire Design!

  4. Thank you so much Alexis! So thrilled to be featured on your amazing blog!

    1. My pleasure, Laura! Thank you for participating:)

  5. I never cease to be amazed at the talent in this group--nor of the caring and sharing. Superb article, Alexis!

  6. What a wonderful and fun post, Alexis! You are so awesome -- n the Talented and Gifted category for sure! I completely agree with your take on the awful and mediocre offerings at most stores. Thanks for taking on this project and introducing us to each other a bit more. Definitely my preferred way to shop!

  7. This is so entertaining and really rings true with me also. I hate mall shopping and am addicted to handmade and have purchased several items from our TAG members and have been blown away. Thanks for letting the world know about TAG! You rock! :)

  8. Go Handmade...go TAG! Love it Alexis!

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  10. Love your post Alexis. And yes, the group is a wonderful source of inspiration and shopping opportunities :-)

  11. Fabulous blog post, Alexis! TAG rocks!!